New book out now!

Hello all,

Very pleased to announce the release of my second book Control and Meaning: An Analysis of Everyday Behaviours. click here to buy on a special countdown deal for the next week, get in early to get it cheap!

Do we understand why people do what they do, why we do what we do? What gets us out of bed in the morning, what makes us angry and happy and fulfilled? Control and Meaning looks at various aspects of day to day life and asks if we know if we understand it and are in control of our own lives and have meaning. The book is partially collected from short articles from Rick’s blog The Everyday Behaviour Analyst and several new unpublished pieces, including the long title piece. Rick looks at subjects as diverse as belief systems, mortality, tattoo’s, self-improvement, the trials of commuting, what makes people unique and why people who drive yellow cars are evil.

With a great sense of humour Rick looks at serious subjects to help shed some light on how we function and how we navigate our way through the world and deal with the problems we face.

Currently only available in eBook format, but will be available in paperback in time.

cover image


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