Hello and welcome to my site.

In these pages I will be publishing non-fiction writing, You will see there are several different sections. In one I will put articles about working with people with learning disabilities and Autism, I have been in this field for over 17 years and have gone from support worker to specialist in behaviour and service development. The subjects will be wide ranging from general social care issues to pieces about my own experiences, the focus will be significantly about learning and I hope these articles will offer some valuable guidance for others who work in social care too.

The section Everyday Behaviours will be a bit more wide ranging, and the titular article will give an overview of what I’m doing here. Basically it’s about life and human behaviour and what I see. Some of these articles will be very serious, and others a bit more humorous but all will be true.


Thanks for reading and I hope you both enjoy what I write and find it informative.

Rick Jensen (The Everyday Behaviour Analyst)

Rick has been working with people with learning disabilities and Autism for 17 years in a diverse range of settings from children’s respite, forensic services, psychiatric wards and supported living. Rick’s focus has always been about improving people’s lives and helping people to achieve some level of control and normality. He is currently Head of Service and Development at London based educational Charity Pursuing Independent Paths.

Rick is the author of two books (Being a Support Worker, Control and Meaning) and one training manual (People who Need a Bit More Help than Others) He is working on his next 3 books.

Rick Jensen is a very active musician playing mostly saxophone, clarinet and guitar with hundreds of live performances and hundreds of  releases with various bands (Apocalypse Jazz Unit, FAT COP, The Insect Explosion, Nova Scotia, Nuha Ruby Ra, MGF and many more), he also makes films and electronic music as The Oneirologist, has had over 20 exhibitions of his photographs and is a keen kick boxer and likes to break audio electronics and attempt to make them into better things. Rick is also the founder and promoter of SKRONK an experimental music event which has had over 125 nights. You can see some of his work here  The Oneirologist

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